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PRO DESIGN - Denmark

Pro Design aus Dänemark  bei Optik Markt Soelzer in Merseburg bei Halle und Leipzig in Sachsen Anhalt

Headquartered in Denmark yet with a distribution and sales network that reaches round the world, ProDesign brings the essential spirit of Danish design and lifestyle values to the global eyewear market. After 30 years of solid experience with a customer base now measured in thousands, ProDesign has recently restructured the organization and revamped the entire product line. As a result, ProDesign is both an experienced, well-established eyewear manufacturer and a modern, rejuvenated company.

The company's new logo ProDesign | Denmark emphasises the continued importance of Denmark's design heritage in shaping the company's products. ProDesign is well aware that Danish design, particularly furniture design, is known all over the world. People admire its clean and simple lines, consistent high quality and unique ability to combine lightness of form with functional strength. ProDesign embodies these elements in its eyewear collections to create a look and appeal which is unmistakably Danish.

ProDesign is an ambitious company establishing a growing position in world markets through the ability to quickly recognize and pick up trends, supplying prompt deliveries, efficient inventory management, and support through not only its Danish headquarters but also through its offices in Hamburg, Lille and San Francisco. While retaining a competitive edge in a fast moving market, ProDesign remains true to the lifestyle values of Denmark where care and attention is always given to the individual to suppliers and distributors, to ProDesign's own personnel, and to eyewear retailers worldwide.

Wanting to be serious yet with a twinkle the company philosophy is to focus on loyalty and team spirit when committing to new partners. By offering customized marketing campaigns and instore events ProDesign wants to be more than just another supplier of eyewear. By having close links with their partners ProDesign signals a desire to create success as a team. Loyalty and great chemistry among partners play an important role in this process and the informal tone of communication is reflected in internal relations with employees as well as external relations with partners. ProDesign is always looking to reproduce this accommodating approach to life in all aspects – the general idea behind the company’s marketing campaigns in particular is based on a desire to let the “joy of life” speak for itself.